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Lamson & Goodnow History

Lamson & Goodnow, maker of LamsonSharp™ cutlery, is the oldest cutlery manufacturer in the United States. Lamson & Goodnow was established in Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts in 1837, and rapidly became the premier cutler in the United States. We manufacture both stamped and forged cutlery, kitchen tools and trade tools. As the American passion for home and hearth grew, so did Lamson & Goodnow.

In 1869, the company presented President Ulysses S. Grant with a 62 piece dinner set. Half of the pieces had ivory handles while the other half had mother-of-pearl handles. Pieces of this set are now on display at the Smithsonian Institute.

In 1999, Lamson & Goodnow purchased TreeSpirit™, a company that handcrafts professional-quality hardwood cutting boards, bowls, kitchen utensils, and kitchen care products.

HotSpot™ silicone for the home was added to the Lamson & Goodnow family of brands in 2002. Unusual at the time, silicone is now regarded as a staple of the modern kitchen for its high heat resistance, superior flexibility, and nonstick properties. Our Hot Spots are Professional Grade heat resistant to 675 Degrees, BPA Free, FDA FoodApproved, non stick and Dishwasher Safe the best in the industry.

Lamson & Goodnow cutlery, kitchen tools and trade tools are still handcrafted in Massachusetts by American workers. We are proud to say that after 178 years, Lamson & Goodnow still produces the finest cutlery, kitchen tools and trade tools made in America that aim at nothing short of perfection.