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Forged 4-Piece Serrated Steak Knife Set

The Steak Knife is an ideal tool for slicing through steaks and chops. Included in this set:

    • 4 Serrated Steak Knives
    • Each knife is precision forged using traditional Hot-Drop Forge which results in a harder, sharper blade that is corrosion resistant and highly elastic.
    • Descendants from founding craftsman still hand assemble and finish each item, including the final edging process individually ensuring blade’s edge is at the optimal cutting angle for maximum sharpness.
    • A curved and recessed bolster provides a seamless transition from handle to blade and supports the thumb for better balance and safety.
    • The Resin-infused Pakkawood handle is heat and water resistant and provides a comfortable, steady grip.
    • Made in USA by Lamson & Goodnow since 1837.

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